Site 11

Silence in Friendship – Dawber Walled Garden, The Lawn, Union Road

Tucked away to the right side as you enter The Lawn complex you'll find the doors to a secluded landscaped walled garden. Hearing can be more alert here as the warm old brick walls quieten all but close-up sounds, the plants close by listen in.
At the far end of the garden through the circular Moon Gates are two dragon benches closely facing each other. Sit and speak with a friend, perhaps a friend in memory. Listen with full attention to the hidden silences in what is spoken between you. Hear what is being said, not necessarily in the words but in the silence between the words. Listening is a gesture of kindness, being listened to gives pleasure. Enjoy the particular friendly wordless pauses in your communication. Bring your senses to the subtle, quiet experiences, allowing the silences to arrive and linger. None of our senses exist separately – they overlap and cross-pollinate, and this shapes our knowledge of the world and our participation in it.
Oral cultures sense the human voice also interacts with all other voices of the animate world - there is no element within their surroundings that has no expression, resonance or power. Any sound may be a voice having meaning. So bring a picnic and have a friendly chat.