Site 3

A Guarded Silence - Westgate of the Roman Lower City, Lincoln City Hall

Here you may be silenced when you abruptly find yourself in Roman Lindum Colonia. Enclosed in the dumb materials of modern constructions are the impressive gateway entrance to the lower part of the Roman settlement and remnants of the great western wall that surrounded and defended the Upper City – a kind of resort for retired Roman soldiers. However today the back side of Lincoln City Hall squats above the wall, the ancient stones quashed by the incessant chattering of bureaucracy.
Colonising is both a silencing and raucous action. Consider past, present and future here – the past and present have been declared whereas the future is un-revealed. Is there a kind of silence in this story-telling – one that allows un-truths? Or will we speak our truth so others hear our history – re-membering our stories, our soundtrack?
There was a merging of activity at this gate, you might just hear the rattle of cart wheels, the laughter of merchants coming and going, the gossiping of working women lingering outside the city walls while quietly scheming how to do business within. The harsh warning shouts of the Guards at the gates have been silenced, lost on the winds over the rampart. Further silence descended when the city was abandoned by the 5th century and became deserted.